End Distracted Driving.

Every day, thousands of North Americans are reminded of the deadly effects of mobile phone use behind the wheel. It’s time to put a stop to phone-related distracted driving, once and for all.

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2,000,000+ Accidents caused by distracted driving annually
Over 10,000 deaths a year
400,000+ injuries a year
$1.2 billion annually in Canadian healthcare costs
$9.9 billion in Canadian insurance losses a year
$127 billion in economic losses from distracted driving accidents annually.

Although there have been many attempts to stop distracted driving - such as increases in fines and demerits, license suspension, and mobile apps - distracted driving accidents are still increasing at an alarming rate. Distracted driving is an epidemic that’s costing millions and destroying lives.

The 4D SafeHaloTM

Curbing phone-related distracted driving has proven challenging because people want to be on their phones and will go out of their way to do so—unless stopped. The optimal solution is to remove the temptation altogether, freeing drivers from the seemingly irresistible pull of their mobile devices.

Our 4D SafeHaloTM disables mobile phone functions that distract drivers visually, physically and cognitively—while leaving other important functions like Bluetooth and emergency phone calls intact. It provides a seamless user experience that works in any vehicle, with any phone. The driver doesn’t have to opt-in for the 4D SafeHaloTM function to kick in—nor can they opt out of it. The 4D SafeHaloTM ensures the driver’s device is restricted, but allows passengers to operate their devices freely, unless their device enters the driver’s space.

How it works

  1. One or more beacons installed out of sight inside the vehicle are ready to send signals between the vehicle’s CPU and the operating system of the driver’s mobile device.
  2. Once the driver’s mobile phone is located and the vehicle is put in gear, the technology triangulates the device, creating a 4D SafeHaloTM that disables certain functions on the phone (e.g. text, social media, data).
  3. If someone enters the passenger seat position, the anti-distraction controllers will automatically change the configuration of the 4D SafeHaloTM to allow the passenger to use their phone, unimpeded.

A Costly Crisis

Drivers distracted by mobile phones are involved in tens of thousands of accidents every year, claiming lives and costing billions of dollars in damages, insurance claims, healthcare costs and much more.

Mobile Madness

A phone is one of the most dangerous distractions as it can cause drivers to take their eyes off the road, their hands off the wheel, and their minds off the road. In fact, drivers using a mobile phone are approximately 4 times more likely to be involved in a crash than a driver who does not use a phone.

Laws & Lectures Aren’t Enough

Numerous studies reveal that most people KNOW the dangers of using their phone while driving, but far too many admit to doing it anyways. We need a solution that goes beyond the efforts of education and law enforcement campaigns.

A Tech-based Solution

Our involuntary 4D Safety Module removes the burden of responsibility from the driver and makes our roads safer for all.

Seamless Experience

Our 4D Safety Module provides a seamless user experience that launches automatically and works in any vehicle, with any phone, without the ability for the driver to override the safety mechanism.

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